Teachers remember trauma of 10 years ago

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As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approached, teachers were asked to reflect upon their personal experience the day tragedy struck NYC. For most, teachers were having class like any other day, when the unimaginable occurred. “There wasn’t much teaching going on that day,” Robert Mayes, math teacher, said. A matterRead More

Searcy Juniors top scores on literacy exam

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The pressure was on for the juniors last year when they were getting ready for the Literacy Exam. The school was dependent on those scores because it was very close to being put on an improvement plan. The improvement plan would consist of officials paying visits to the school frequently,Read More

Youth to youth club at SHS

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There are many clubs offered at Searcy High School.  One of these clubs is Youth to Youth sponsored by Mrs. April Butler. “Youth to Youth is a service organization that was started in Columbus, Ohio for teenagers to help other teenagers make good decisions, so it mainly about positive peerRead More

Journalism staff builds website

Journalism staff builds website

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Many people don’t know about one class at Searcy High School.  Electronic journalism might be a small class, but  students in the class write stories and take pictures for the school website, “This class gives students a chance to explore different types of media, like make stories and videoRead More

Makin’ a dime…students work for extras

Makin’ a dime…students work for extras

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As school begins thousands of students retire from summer jobs while others choose to continue through. With busy schedules that involve after school activities such as club meetings and social gatherings, students manage to keep a job and make money at the same time. Senior Corey Webb enjoys working atRead More

New law bans phone use in school zone

New law bans phone use in school zone

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Recently the Arkansas Legislature passed a new that bans handheld cell phone use in school zones for the safety of the students. “I think it’s the best thing for the safety of the students,” Searcy High School football coach, Tim Harper said. “I also think in the long run it’sRead More

Freshmen begin new life on campus

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At the beginning of every school year, apprehensive freshman fill the halls at Searcy High School and many have mixed emotions about being at a new school. “I got lost a few times, but I got my way around, ”   freshman Michel Hambey said. “So far it seems pretty good.Read More

Five new teachers join staff

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The new school year started with a lot of new students and even some new teachers. One of the new teachers is Darlene Stewart who teaches English. She grew up in Indiana and taught English at the junior high for five years. “I am so excited about teaching high school,” Stewart said. “IRead More

Dress code changes because of new law

Dress code changes because of new law

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The dress code has been an issue for many schools in the state. Holes in jeans, showing cleavage, and sagging pants are just a few of the basic rules enabled by an act from Arkansas legislature. Most recently, the change was made to disallow students from wearing sleeveless tops andRead More

Searcy High welcomes class of 2015

Searcy High welcomes class of 2015

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The Class of 2015 freshman arrived on campus with mixed emotions of excitement, boredom, and pure nervousness as new students at the high school. Bree Foster and Ashley Pigg both agree that the school is big and they wish all the subjects had their own hallways like at the juniorRead More