Last homecoming bittersweet

Homecoming once again has snuck up on us and we still try and act like we did not know it was coming.  We spend the week of Homecoming running around trying to get everything prepared for Friday night, and then we complain about it after the fact even though its our own fault.  We choose to ignore the fact that we had ample time to get everything in order and ready.

We go buy our date a corsage, get hair appointments set and try to show up to them on time, we buy new clothes to wear and show off, and if you are an escort you have to go order a suit to wear while simultaneously making sure it matches your Sweethearts dress.  It is one of the most stressful weeks of the entire school year, but in the end it is all worth it when you get to see your friends, a beautiful date, and a great football game.

As a Senior this is a especially important event for me seeing how it is my last high school homecoming I will be attending as a student.  Just as Senior year, it is a tad bitter-sweet feeling that accompanies this thought.  I am excited to share this time and moment with my closest friends, but I am also sad that this is one of the last times that every single one of us will be here together.  This year is specifically special to me because I am going to be an escort this year and this is a proud moment for me.



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