Customers enjoy food with trivia

Every Tuesday, the Filipino Restaurant hosts a trivia night.  It has come to be called “Trivia Night”, and has been quite a success for the small, family owned business.

“Trivia Night is a game that we put up here in the restaurant so that we could encourage more people to come down here, ” owner Carlos Frogroso said.

Customers come in with a team or join one that is already there. The team decides on a team name and conveys this to the person leading the game for that night.  After all the teams have been seated and have turned in their team names it is time to begin.

“It’s a great way to learn random facts, you can buy good food, and it’s really fun. You can hang out with a lot of friends,”junior Lawrence Maizon said.

There are three rounds that contain three questions from three different categories.

At the beginning of each round the teams are told the three categories, and then they must decide with category that want to bet 15 points on, then which one they want to place 10 points on, and finally the category they want to bet 5 points on.

After the bets are placed for all the teams, the emcee reads off the first categories question to the teams.  After this, they have two minutes to come up with their response and turn it in.

After each team has turned their answers in the correct answer is read to the teams, and depending on what the bet was and if they got it right, the teams get points for their correct answers.

“Every now and again I’ll be the person that MC’s Trivia Night, and ill be the score keeper and ask all of the questions.  I have the answer sheet with me and I’ll decide if their answers are right or wrong,” junior Kenneth Wilson said.

The Final Round is usually a different type question then the last.  For example, the question might be name the year that each of these ten movies were released, and then each team would need to number to ten and put a year for each movie and turn it in.

Each team places a last bet from all of there accumulated points in an effort to pull of the win, but each team must get at least seven of the ten right to win their wager.

The team that ends the game with the most points is the winner, and they get a gift certificate to the restaurant to share among each individual on the team.

The Tuesday Trivia night is on every Tuesday at six o’clock at the Filipino Restaurant on Race St.

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