Homecoming royalty gets ready for festivities

Every year before for the homecoming football game, the Searcy football team chooses the royalty, and the clubs choose the sweethearts.  The royalty and sweethearts then attend a homecoming assembly where they are presented to the student body, but before the assembly they must go to the rehearsal.  The homecoming game this year was between the Searcy Lions and the Parkview Patriots.

The homecoming royalty every year is really excited for the assembly and for the game.

“I’m really excited because it’s a great honor to have for us, and I’m just very blessed to be homecoming queen,” said homecoming queen Amber Breaux.

Dawnesha Whitney was pleased to be chosen as Senior Maid.

“I feel honored to be chosen to be senior maid knowing that the football team thought I would be a good representative.”

Also every year for the homecoming assembly the homecoming royalty and the sweethearts choose an escort to escort them to their seat on the stage.

“I chose Desmond Stegall to be an escort because he’s a great leader on the football team and he’s also one of the captains,” Whitney said.


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