Festival entertains at court square

When the Fall season rolls in, so does Get Down Downtown.  For the past three years, downtown Searcy has hosted a      community get-together in the streets of the square, and near by Spring Park.  Approaching the fourth year, the new  tradition kicked off to a great start, on homecoming weekend

Venders and booths were set up along the street-sides, two stages were constructed for the many musicians to perform on,    and games and food-stands covered the grounds.

Hundreds of people from the Searcy community and surrounding towns came for the fun.

Lines for the volunteer gates snaked through the crowd.  Searcy High  School clubs like Beta and Spanish Honorary came to volunteer at kids’  games and inflatables.  Several kids and their    families flocked to  Spring Park for the children’s games.

Geneva DeMarzo, a Beta club member got to help with the inflatable bouncy house games.  She stated, “I love helping the kids.  It’s so fun to watch everyone from our community get together and volunteer to make an event like this  possible.

Besides games, most people filled out the stage areas to lend an ear to    the many music groups who performed.

That being said, the performances are some of the biggest attractions  at Get Down Downtown.

“All the different kinds of music is really cool to listen to.  Get Down Downtown would be nothing without the music,” Hannah Stewart said.

Gospel, Folk, and country music were some of the genres represented on this weekend.  It was exciting for some to    experience the different styles.

Nathan Jordan said he,”liked listening to gospel music…I really enjoyed it.”

As for the music, games and other events,  This year’s Get Down Downtown was a successful event, and many look forward to attending this fall regular, next year.

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