Senior Breakfast: hard work pays off

Just yesterday, the seniors of Searcy High School were walking down the crowded halls for the very first time. Next thing, junior year hits with a blink of an eye. It is junior year where responsibility comes with important decision making.

Junior year is also the year where every eleventh grade student trains for the Literacy Exam given by the Arkansas Department of Education in March. Last year, the senior class scored the highest holding the  record at 83 percent.

“With the support of the upperclassmen and the help they provided, we were able to score as as high as we did,” senior Rhea Nicholson explained. “I think teachers next year should do the same.  It will make a difference with their scores.”  

Due to the improvement and great effort, the senior class was awarded with a senior breakfast.  

“It felt good to know that we mattered at Searcy High School,”  Nicholson said. 

The English teachers, staff, and the lunch ladies took the time to put this together. 

“I am glad they did it but it could have been better,” Nicholson said. “I wish they would have had a bigger variety of food to pick from.”

Even though breakfast did not go as everyone had hoped, Nicholson got a kick out of sitting around and visiting with friends as well as missing first period. The Senior class is sure to be remembered  with this legacy.


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