Senior Blog: It’s my turn to say goodbye

Bye. That’s all that there is left to say now that high school is coming to an end. There are plenty of words to say, but out of the midst of the craziness, how could anyone collect their thoughts enough to think of more? It’s the same clichés over and over again. “This is so bitter-sweet!” “I’ll miss you so much!” Saying to people that we might not even think about again until the reunion.  The same old graduation speech given by the valedictorian, just maybe in a few different words. Even the sappy yearbook signings that happen every year are so “bitter-sweet” this time. In essence, it’s always the same.  The difference between this year and every other year that this happens is, it’s my turn.

It’s my turn to say these goodbyes. It’s my turn to make huge decisions in my life. It’s my turn to move on from high school and move forward. What do I do now? School is all I’ve ever known. I know homework and tests and studying.  Of course, everything I have been taught so far will lead me into the college setting.  College. That’s another thing.  How do I decide what college is best for me? College is the biggest decision I have faced so far in my life, and I have to make this decision at only 18 years old.

I guess I can share my knowledge with the underclassmen to follow me.  The first tip I have is to not catch Senioritis. Grades are important up until the very last day. GPA follows you until the last minute.  Another tip is don’t assume that the last few days will be a piece of cake. As of right now, I have three finals to take, three AP tests, and homework due on the last day of school. It doesn’t seem like it’s ending but it really is.

There are things about high school that I will miss, like dance.  I will miss the Lionsteppers. With their new team I know they will succeed in being a great team next year. I will miss learning dances with the team and I will miss performing at half time under the Friday night lights. I will, strangely, miss the SHS Fight Song and jumping into it whenever the football team scores a touchdown. I will miss putting on a uniform and going out onto the track.

Another thing I will miss is my best friend, Becca. We have grown up together and spent 13 years in Searcy schools together, and now we’re going our separate ways and going off to college.  They say you meet your true friends in college, but how do you just forget a best friend you’ve grown up with? It’s impossible. The memories with her go way beyond a friendship ending after graduation.  I know we will stay close even after we go to different colleges. It will be hard to not see her for 8 hours every day, but it will be okay. I will not miss comparing grades with her, especially when she wins most of the time. Overall, she is the best friend I have, and I could not have made it through high school without her. Everyone should pick a best friend like her to go through high school with.

High school is all about making it through.  Hold out to the end. All the cliches are worth it. All the goodbyes are sad, but they have to be done sometime.  Moving on has to happen, and it will open a whole new chapter in life.  It might be scary, but it could be the best time of your life. Work hard. Do your best. Don’t take anything for granted. It’s all worth it in the end. High school opens doors to a whole new world of adventures.

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