FTA students participate ‘Fall Teaching Day’

Every year in October members of Future teachers of America (FTA) get permission to skip a day of school and shadow their teacher of choice.  Fall Teaching Day gives students the chance to see what it is like to be a teacher.   The students have opportunities to help the teacher, and some teachers give the students the chance to teach a lesson.

FTA member, sophomore Aliceson Jones, has been in this club since her freshman year and has signed up for the day the past  two years.

“I participate in Fall Teaching Day because it is a great opportunity to see what teachers go through in a day,” Jones said.

Students are allowed to go to any school in the Searcy School District. So Jones spent the day at Southwest Middle School in fifth grade teacher, Tonya Wright’s, room.  Wright teaches reading, English, and social studies.

Another FTA member, Kristen Meeker, spent her day with high school science teacher,  Melissa Lawson.

“I take part in FTA because it is a great opportunity to get involved with school, and I am able to not only see my friends but also understand the responsibilities of teachers,” Meeker said.

The FTA students have the option of writing and essay about what they did on their day of teaching telling about their experience.  The essay earns the members points in the club, which benefits them in their junior and senior years qualifying them for officer positions.

The FTA sponsor is English teacher, Jaime Brown coordinates students, teachers and schools. FTA will have another teaching day in the spring, and they also do many events in between then. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, this is a great club to join.

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