Senior night of season features fans in black


And so the time finally arrived.  It was now time for the last regular season home football game.  The “Jungle Crew” knew that they had to do something to show their support but yet also show their dismay at this being the last home game in the season.

It was only natural that they chose to go with a black-out.  For one, they had not done it yet this year. And since black is normally associated with mourning, in a way, the black signified the sadness of the fans.

It also worked out perfectly in that the football players were also wearing all black uniforms, so the fans and the players were one united front for the game.  The Lions ran out onto the field surrounded by fans in black and covered in smoke from the fog machine.  I am sure it must have been an awe-inspiring moment for the players, and also for the fans who stood with them to support them.

The black-out was a way to show support for the team and to show that we are there for them, but it also runs much deeper then that.  It was a way to let other people know that we are together in this and that social lines, or cliches, do not separate the students of Searcy High School.


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