Fifty singers make All-Region choir

Fifty choir members were named to the All-Region choir recently with five more students named alternates.

“The Junior High school cafeteria was absolutely packed there was no room at all,” freshman Jessica Bryant said.

Choir teacher Tina Niederbrach was pleased with the outcome.

“I am very proud because out of every kid we have in the school who is on choir, 50 of them made it and we had five alternates,” Niederbrach said.

Some of the Freshmen who made All Region were: Felicia Van Winkle, Maegan Franklin, Crystal Neill, Alana Neidebrach, Jessica Bryant, Charity Barnes, Adelyn Havens, Kennedy Turley, and Yuli Sosa.

There were also other girls in the women’s choir named to All-Region: Victoria Pulliam, Emily Crawford, Courtney Mowdy, Marlee Bennet, Becca Shaw, Katherine Jimerson, Jennah Denney, Hannah Stewart, Catherine Duncan, Rachel MCcready , Allie Wilbourn, Monica Griffin, Kelsea Melville, Paige Diuncan, Jordan Feltro, Kristen Stewart, Laurel Fitts, Anna Barnes, Kaleigh Ramey,Carissa Snow, Kara Treadwell, Sadie Henson, Lizzie Bailey, Kenna Daggett, Allisyn Stroupe, Mary Carr, Ashley Mccord, Morgan Pruitt, Molly Wheat, and Kelly Mckenzie.

Choir men included: Jordan Ladyman, Travis Cloutlier, Tyler Touchet, Taylor Touchet, Cole Sanders, Kyle Fritter, Michel Hamby, Jacob Stewart, Jordan McGrath, Lawrence Maizon, Philip Baird, Austin Shaw, Hal Neiderbrach, AJ Maizon, Neale Zeringue, and Tyler Norris.

“I made 8th chair so I know, I did my best,” Cloutlier stated. “I’m just glad the judges thought I did ok because before I went in to sing, my throat started to hurt a lot. I’m just glad I held through till the end.”

Niederbrach added that the students really pushed themselves to excel

“I just want everyone to know that our kids have tried their best and have pushed themselves over the limit and over the top,” Niederbrach said. “All in all I think that the students have shown their potential and have also shown what they have been taught this year so far.”





























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