Searcy High welcomes class of 2015

freshman fill the hall as classes change. The largest freshman class ever has enrolled this year.

The Class of 2015 freshman arrived on campus with mixed emotions of excitement, boredom, and pure nervousness as new students at the high school.

Bree Foster and Ashley Pigg both agree that the school is big and they wish all the subjects had their own hallways like at the junior high.

Alexa Cook thinks high school in general is awesome and is looking forward to getting to know older students.

“I like having the older sophomores, that I know, going to school with me,” Cook said. “I only had one year (with them) at the junior high. Now I have them for three and I even have classes with them.”

As for sophomores, most of them think that having freshmen at the school make them feel bigger and more mature. They believe that it is reasonable for them to be here, but they don’t really care either way.

Being at the “big school”, Madison Wyatt feels like they are expected to do more in less time with projects, essays, and book reports due by next week.

“Unlike the junior high,” Wyatt said. “I feel like I have loads of work to do in less then three days. I used to procrastinate, and now I have no time too.”

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