Being a senior: Combating senioritis

Being a senior is great.  Basically, everything about being a senior is awesome.  You don’t have to take that many classes if you choose and you have more free time.  You enjoy football games a lot more, but the school year starts to drag around the second nine weeks.  If you start to experience these symptoms:

  • Bored in class
  • Ready to graduate tomorrow.
  • Want the year to end.

you may be experiencing a temporary disease seniors like to call senioritis.  By the second week of school some seniors are already experiencing these symptoms.  For them school will be long and drawn out until that final day.  For me though, I haven’t experienced senioritis just yet.  Probably around the third nine weeks, I will start to experience some of the symptoms.  I’m still enjoying not having that many classes, and having a lot of free time.  Probably the only time I’ve actually hoped for more homework is my senior year.  It’s not that I like doing it’s just that sometimes I wish there was more to do.  Too much free time can lead to being bored.  If you’re bored you start to experience senioritis (I don’t want to get senioritis).  Even though I have a really easy schedule this year, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Wrapping up today’s blog entry, even if you start to experience senioritis, do not fear it’s only temporary.  You can work through it.  Believe me, you will miss your senior year once it’s gone.

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