Graduate Dillon Howard gives back to community

Searcy High School graduate Dillon Howard recently signed with a major league baseball team. With his new-found money he could have bought anything, but instead of spending the money on something that would just benefit himself, he made a generous contribution to the Sunshine School.

“I thought it was more a responsibility than a choice,” In an interview with Lion TV Dillon Howard said. “I was blessed financially not too long ago.” Signing with the Cleveland Indians brought Howard  a $1 million bonus.

Though he could have spent the money on many useless things, he felt it a responsibility to help out a local organization.

Dillon Howard gave back for many reasons.

“It just fills a hole…not that there was a hole,” he said. “It feels like you’ve accomplished something. You feel like you have made a difference in somebody’s life. So that’s why I did it and I’m really happy I did.”

Giving back to the community was a great way of spreading the blessings he received said the director of the Sunshine school.

Director Marie Dunn feels that Howard’s contribution will be put to great use.

“Every day we have to pay a utility bill and a water bill, and program supplies, teachers’ salaries and so it could go lots of different ways but bottom line is it’s going to help us,” she said.

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