Seniors provide role models for freshmen

I thought I would just feel like a regular high school student when I became a senior, but I can honestly say it’s better to be a senior.  When you’re a senior you’re the “big dogs” on campus so to speak.  You’ve been there the longest, and you don’t need a map to get around campus.  You get to help all the freshman find their classes and you get to see how you were when you were a freshman.  Things that can make up a good senior:

  • Very helpful to other students
  • Make smart decisions
  • Easily able to get along with everyone

Most seniors have all of these qualities but when they get to senior year, they don’t really care.  They’re kind of spent on school and they’re read for a break. Senioritis can step in on the first day of school.  Even though most have four years of college ahead of them, they view their senior year as their last year of school. Seniors, remember you are the role models for the rest of the school! So if you see a freshman in the hallway, just remember your first day of high school, and how you looked up to those seniors. Be a good role model!

Overall being a senior is awesome.  Senior year brings more than just happiness.  It brings a whole new experience.  Some spend their first three years of high school wishing and hooping to one day be a senior.  When that time finally comes to be a senior, it finally it hits you that you’re there, you’ve made it.  Graduation seems to creep up on you without even the slightest hint to what’s in the future.  Many see that graduation is their grand finale, and it should be.  Graduation is like a right of passage.  You leave one part of your life, and go into another.  A lot of students look forward to graduation, but some dread it.  Even though graduation is a really awesome thing, many are just afraid to leave high school.

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