Searcy High Alumni Reminisces on Her Days as a Lion

Think back to the year 1870.  What comes to mind?  Dirt houses and people chiseling words into stone, right?  Wrong..  Actually, the year 1870 went down into the History books as the establishment of the Searcy public school system.  Searcy High School has been around for quite a long time.  Judy Kubisiak, age 69, remembers her experience at the school “like it was yesterday.”

Judy Kubisiak attended ninth grade at the at the Searcy High School which burned down in the year 1965.  They then began building the new high school, the one we all attend now, and she attended the very first tenth grade class in this building.  She then attended the next three years here, as well.

“It was a very good experience,” says Kubisiak.

She then started to reveal details about the school and her experience there. She said although most days were not commonly uncomfortable, the building was in fact not air-conditioned!  “Our class was very close and we still keep in close contact.” She goes on to explain that on their graduation night, it started pouring down rain, and they were relocated to a new location: Benson auditorium.  When the switch happened, the diplomas got mixed up in all of the distraction, and not one student was in the order they were supposed to be.  However Ms. Thornton, the principal, knew each senior by their full name. “None of us received our own diploma, so we had to find it afterwards,” says Kubisiak.  Like many people who have graduated from Searcy High School, she enjoyed her experience and in her opinion, the school system today still upholds the same standards.  After years, the Lions are still striving for excellence! This picture is an actual picture of the class of Searcy High School in the year 1920.  This picture was taken soon before the birth of Judy Kubisiak. 

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