Searcy Cubs Boys Basketball

Searcy Cubs played at Alf Jr. High this past Thursday January 29th, sadly the boys lost 27 to 33. But i was able to interview Nathaniel Kleypas after the game. When asked about the tryouts for High school ball, he said he wasn’t sure if he was going to play for sure yet next year but he is excited if he does choose to.Nate has been playing basketball since 7th grade and Searcy ball for 2 years now and has been loving it ever since. Nate then carried on talking about the teams plays and how he thinks they are playing this season saying, “I think the team is doing good. We started out rough but we are getting back on the right track. I’d say we are definitely the best team in the conference if we’d all give 100% all the time.” When asked who motivates him either on or off the court he drove right in saying “One person that motivates me is Peyton Wright. He’s always real encouraging to me when I go out to play and not just me but everyone on the team. He’s always testing me to push my limits when I’m in practice and he brings people up when they aren’t playing too well.” Nate concluded saying “I’ve really grown closer to everyone on the team. They are family to me now. Every one of them.” Wish luck to the 9th grade cubs basketball team as their season runs on, more games coming soon and hopefully some more wins!


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