Brotherly Love

SEARCY(LP) The “Black Cinema” has a new movie called Brotherly Love is the new Juice or Boyz in The Hood. The trailer give us the details. Being set around drug dealer, homegirls, money and high dreams and hopes. The movie takes place in Philiadelphia were crime and drug use is bad. It is based around the Taylor family.

Their mother (Macy Gray) a depressed cimagehain-smoker who stays indoors all day. Her oldest was June (Corey Hardrict) he’s the provider and father figure for his younger siblings. Sergio “Serg” (Eric D Hill) the talented sibling that plays basketball and dreams to make it to the NBA.

The youngest is Jackie (KeKe Palmer) the aspiring singer of the family. The movies tries to surround around the issues in the Black Community and stopping violence. June is sure that’s his younger sibling stay on track and good in school. June’s father left them at a young age. Giving up his dream to play basketball to become a drug dealer. June soon follows in his father footsteps. Taylor’s siblings experience loads revenge, death and is accomplishments. When a homeboy gets June tries to block Jackie and Serg out of the world. He realizes that he can’t hide them forever.

Jackie meets a new guy named Quincy Brown not knowing her brother shot up his homeboys to get back at them. Jackie plays hard to get at first. Later she starts to fall for him. Later on in the movie Serg begin to be pressured into breaking into these people home with his homeboy Sean and another friend. Serg knows it’s not right. Meanwhile June doesn’t like the fact that his sister is all lovey dove twitch Quincy. Will Quincy seek revenge for his cousin and his homeboys. How will Jackie tell her brothers her biggest secret. Will Serg and his homeboys get caught? That’s all apart of the drama-action movie called “Brotherly Love.”


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