Teachers, they influence their students in so many ways, in good ways like Olivia Langston she said that Mrs. Jones has influenced her because Mrs. Jones does not treat her students like most teachers do, Oliva also said that not only has she had her as a teacher but she also knows her through church. Mrs.Jones has showed Olivia how to be a role model in students lives through school. Olivia is not the only student that thinks that Mrs. Jones been an influence in her life. Also, Emma Marquez said that Mrs jones has also influenced her because she has taught here how to express herself more and not to be shy and to communicate with others. I interviewed Mrs. Jones and ask here what she thinks makes her a great teacher,

“ I feel like I’m not a great teacher but just a great person”

I also ask her why she thinks her students think that she’s such a great teacher,

“When you become friends with your students and get to know them and make the classroom feel more like a place to learn and have fun and not just a classroom you get to have better communication with you students.”

Another teacher that has influenced many students is Mrs. Collom. Tiffany Rambo ,a senior, had Mrs. Collom her freshman year and she still remembers when she taught her how to never give up on something. Tiffany said when she was in her class she wanted to give up on a projected that Mrs. Collom gave here, but Mrs. Collom gave her a speech about how you can’t give up every time you think you can’t do something. Mrs. Collom has influenced many students for over years 41 years and this year is her last year as a teacher.


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