Stepping Forward in the Fashionable Block Heel

Searcy(LP) Heels,Heels,Heels! The comfy, fashionable Block Heel has made a trend worldwide. Hitting runways during the Milan and the New York Fashion Weeks, it created a renewed comeback. As seen before at shows, it caused people to continue with the fun fashion choice. A well known model known as Gigi Hadid wore a pair of block heeled boots on the New York Fashion Week runway.  On the Tory Burch RTW Fall Collection runway, models wore the heel with  shoe laces and tassels. Lately, it has been spotted in many outfits. On sandals, ankle boots, combat boots, and almost every type of boot imaginable, the heel can dress up an outfit. This trend has been found at numerous stores. Brianne Foster, a worker at Maurices, states  “We’ve had a lot (of customers) over Homecoming come. I would say that  we have five out of seven days (of) people buying this heel.”  This fashion-forward shoe isn’t just for important events. They are so comfortable that they can be worn for everyday use to help amp up an outfit. Block Heels can be worn with dress pants, skirts, dresses, and even jeans for a cute, durable outfit. Block heels are more comfortable than the skinny heel, as strong and essential as a wedge, and  very much more flattering than the skinny heel.

Block Heeled Boot at local shoe store.

Block Heeled Boot at local shoe store.

The most fun the Block Heel has to offer is that it can go with hundreds of outfits and you can actually run around in them. Block Heels require less balance than the skinny heel, so they are less likely to break and fall apart. The Maurices at the Town and Country Plaza in Searcy, sells about seven colors of this type of heel.  Brianne Foster’s information about the Block Heel, “ We have about twelve different pairs of Block Heels, (or) a style of a Block Heel. We got our first pair in August.”  Maurices is a good place to find a pair of Block Heels and to keep up with the latest rage of heels. The store was remodeled at the beginning of September. The reopening was at 12:30 p.m. that day. So if you haven’t already, buy yourself a pair of block heels!

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