Searcy Choir Dominates at New Region

Searcy (LP) The Searcy High School Choir students participated in All Region tryouts on October 16th. Thirty-seven students placed in the all region choirs, including 15 in the Mixed Chorus, moving on to try for All State in February, and 22 in the Female Treble Chorus. The choir students started preparing on the second day of schools and relentlessly kept practicing until the day of tryouts.

Some of the Searcy High School students sitting on the bleachers after receiving their audition numbers.

Some of the Searcy High School students sitting on the bleachers after receiving their audition numbers.

Junior, Bailey Baker, says,”I got choir 23, so I’m so close to being in mixed and trying out for state. Hopefully some people will drop out so I can be moved up, but if nothing else, I’ll try harder to get in next year!”

For the past few years, Searcy Schools have been a part of “Central Region”, along with Riverview, Bald Knob, and other schools. This year, ArkCDA (Arkansas Choral Directors Association) decided to completely get rid of Central Region and move Searcy into Region One instead. This means a different location, different judges, different announcers, and even different concession stand food. It also means that the choir was competing against different choirs and that the judging styles would be totally different. Some students made top chairs that had never even made all region before, and some students who consecutively made high chairs didn’t place. Senior, Grace Helms, said,”Being in Region One was really weird, but I can’t complain because I get to try out for State and it’s my senior year.”

There was also another factor that made this year different from any other tryout year: the absence of their choir director. Mrs. Niederbrach, who was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year, is recovering from her surgery and was unable to attend/be involved in auditions. David Willard, in her place, acted as an alto 2 judge and assisted in the posting of results after the tryouts were over with. Though Mrs. Niederbrach was not present physically, she cheered on her students in her heart and was ecstatic to find out that so many members of her choir were successful in these auditions. All in all, Searcy definitely made a name for themselves at this new region and are still working hard to get ready for whatever comes their way next!

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