Pink Sunday Honors Survivors of a Victory of Battle Cancer

Searcy (LP) Chances are, you know someone that has been affected by Breast Cancer in some way. According to the 2015 Komen Arkansas Community Profile Report, there are 38,230 females in White County. On Average, 22 cases of late stage Breast Cancer are reported. 10 out of the 22 die.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Pink Sunday is a day when church members wear pink to honor survivors. On October 16, churches in Searcy, Augusta, and Newport celebrated by wearing pink and have a honoring Breast Cancer survivors tea party. The survivors are Karen Young, Emma Reed, Eleanor Brown, Vivian Drayton, Artence Turner, Lana Dunn, Shantel Tatum, Amy Adair, and Sharon Williams.

People celebrating PInk Sunday

People celebrating Pink Sunday

There are four stages of breast cancer. The first stage is the lowest.When the cells are in a limited area. The second stage is still an early stage. It when the cancer begins to grow or spread. The third stage is advanced stage when cancer violate the tissues near the breast. The fourth stage is when the cancer has spread to other areas of the body.

I interviewed Cancer Survivor Emma Reed and her husband/ Walter Reed

Hey, my name is Emma Reed and It has been fifteen years since I had breast cancer. On February 1999 is when I got my mammogram. The day when they told me I had stage four breast cancer. My first thought was that I was going to die. The worst part of having cancer is taking chemotherapy. On November 8, my last grandson was born so I could walk to my daughter’s room. I was cancer free in February 2001.

As a caretaker some of my duties of helping my wife was keeping up with her personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning the house, and drive to and from the doctor. The worst part of her having cancer was sitting at the doctor and waiting for her to finish her treatment. Walter Reed.

“I encourage all women to get themselves checked by a mammogram or Pet Scan. Whenever they notice something weird about their body get themselves checked. I hope all families will have a close relationship and help the cancer patient, because all cancer patients need lots of help cleaning, cooking, and driving to and from the doctor”- Emma Reed.

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