Nineties Jewelry Trend takes Student Fashion’s Breath Away

Searcy (LP) Choker necklaces first came back as a trend in the nineties. Chokers are necklaces that are tight  and snug around the neck and they do not hang down like most necklaces. They have been around since way back when ladies wore them to cover up scars from diseases on their neck in the nineteenth century, when people didn’t even know what to call them. Queen Alexandra of Denmark wore a choker made of faux jewels to cover up a childhood scar on her neck. The wealthy people of that time began to follow with this trend and then the trend of the choker was created. Now, they are bigger and better than ever before. Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, and Martha Hunt started wearing this fun fashion choice, and of course the fashion world followed. Dana Erin, handbag and accessory company located in New York gives advice about her company Erin Dana and the chokers her company sells. She knowingly states “I know a good amount (about chokers) from designing them. I love our new Bolo style chokers for work, they feel professional! Our natural python one can for sure dressed up. I love chokers with a dressy dress or with a button down for work. It depends, but I feel like a choker really goes with anything and complements any outfit.” Take this good fashion advice from Erin Dana,  she has sixteen point one thousand people following in her fashion footsteps. People of this decade aren’t just buying them, though. Fashionistas around the world do it themselves by making the necklaces out of materials found nearby, such as ribbons, lace, cloth, stretchy headbands, shoelaces, and even more! Instead of buying them for the expensive prices of ten dollars and up, why not just make necklaces out of what you already have?

Black suede choker wrapped into a small bow.

Wrapped suede black choker.

A fun project for anyone interested in wearing chokers would be to go to a craft store and find materials to make all kinds of different chokers. Walmarts around the nation have the materials needed, like shoelaces, beautiful ribbon, and beads to style them the way that fits your personality. Dana Erin, expert on chokers states “It all goes, but I see them becoming more and more high end. Yes, it’s the biggest trend. They are wearing every kind from diamond to fabric. The best thing is that it’s an extension of your face. It’s what you see when you look at someone, sort of like earrings, so it’s a great way to elevate your look.” Chokers can dress up an outfit on the Red Carpet with an elegant dress, or they can make a simple outfit like jeans and a slouchy T-Shirt casually cool. On how the amazing jewelry store Claire’s takes chokers to a modern new level, manager at the Little Rock McCain Mall, Alexandria Burr states “I’ve seen the trend pop up recently, I believe we were one of the first places to see that trend. We have seventy- two different kinds of chokers.

Chokers found at a local jewelry store.

Chokers found at a local jewelry store.

We have dressy and casual ones.” Claire’s is a very good place to buy chokers if you don’t feel like making them yourself. This store can be found in many cities in the United States and in a lot of malls near you. Their chokers are very well known. Burrs gives information about this type of fashion, she states “The trend started probably four or five months ago, now it’s like all the time. They were before the nineties, they were a big thing back then. I see people four or five times a day, people come by, saying ‘Do you have a lot of chokers?’I think chokers are a good trend. It depends on what you wear with it.” Fashionable teens at SHS have been wearing them regularly. They can give off a creative, cute vibe for school outfits. Marlee Young, freshman, states “I saw chokers two years ago, that’s when they started coming back, I guess. Some examples of teens that wear them are Emma Duncan, Maggie Greer, Macy Hall, and Mary Pulliam. I see this type of  jewelry at least every other day. I have seen lace ones, velvet, the a original tattoo one.”

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