Young Men’s Retreat Helps Young Men Find a Positive Influence

Searcy (LP) There are many different events to help young women or young girls. You never hear of something that will help young men. On December 10, there will be a Young Men’s Retreat.

This event is hosted by West Pleasure and 5th Street Churches of Christ. The Young Men Retreat is a retreat for mentors that  go to Camp Wyldewood.

Camp Wyldewood Logo

Camp Wyldewood Logo

“Some of the mentors are students from local universities, a U.S. government employee, an a education administrator, and business owners,” says Juana Hall. This retreat is a non-profit for boys who need help or need a good role models to look up to. “This is to help at risk boys ages 12-18 to make positive choices and put positive people in their life.” This event doesn’t cost anything  to attend,  but before sign up a parent and their son have to meet with Juana Hall to go over the rules and regulations to attend.  “I thought of this idea because I saw a need and so I acted on this need.” Men attending this retreat will spend the night at the camp and go back home on Sunday morning. “ They will be eating, playing board games, playing sports, and so much more.

Juana and Harold and are both excited about this retreat.  “ I am excited about this retreat, but also nervous. The guys are excited and I can’t wait to see them. I am nervous because I have never done anything  like this before  and I want it to be a great success and to leave a positive influence on the guys that are coming,” says Juana Hall. “ I am excited because it gives me something to do instead of sitting at home doing nothing. It lets me experience something different,” says Harold Hall. “My favorite part of this retreat is going to be playing sports. I think the outcome is that they are going to come back refreshed and to know how to make positive decisions and to put positive people in their life.”

This retreat is a great way to make young men be a positive influence to younger siblings or younger people that look up to them.  

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