Ringing in New Year’s Eve Worldwide

Searcy (LP) New Year’s Eve can be an amazing start of the year if it is planned right. Many families of different heritages and backgrounds all do one thing, celebrate! The start of the year can make the remainder of the year a success for many people.

New Years is a good time to relax after the stress of buying Christmas presents. The holiday season is here and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. Enjoy some time with your family and friends. Of all the different cultures, New Year’s Eve is one of the main events celebrated. Some of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations are in Paris, France at the Eiffel Tower, in Sydney, Australia at the Sydney Harbor, London, England in Midtown London, and in Berlin, Germany at the Brandenburg Gate. Fireworks streak across the sky, people shout loud with cheer, and everyone rings in the New Year.

While in Vancouver, Canada, international model Anita Hamilton will celebrate New Years successfully. She states “I’m attending an exclusive fashion industry party at the Sheraton Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver. I’m going, because many of my fashion industry friends are going and we will be dancing and mingling. Some other celebrities will be there too, but it’s mostly under wraps. Celebrities don’t want the paparazzi to know they’ll be there, which is why there aren’t many details released.” The Sheraton Rose Party will be a large event with at least five to six celebrities and many models. They will discuss fashion plans for the New Year.

While in Germany, Christiane Doerk, known as Jane to her friends, celebrated New Year’s Eve every year. She is an exchange student this year at SHS. Before she came to SHS, she lived near Hannover, Lower Saxony in Northern Germany. She celebrated Christmas last year by lighting a candle on each of the four Sundays before Christmas on the Advent wreaths that go along with the advent calendar. In her family, it is a tradition to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. She celebrates with her family by playing games and telling fortunes. Jane and her family often do ßlegieBen, a German fortune telling game. She states “There’s lead pieces, a little spoon, and you also need a candle and a bowl with cold water. You heat the lead over the candle and when it’s completely melted, you pour it into the cold water. Then you have to look at what form it has and you can look it up online to see what you get for the next year.” When she celebrates this holiday, her family often watches fireworks. They eat raclette, a type of cheese that is formed into a thirteen pound wheel, it is slightly hard and when it is melted, it is poured upon meats, boiled potatoes, and many vegetables. Raclette originates from Switzerland, where it is made from cow’s milk.

Christiane Doerk, an exchange student at SHS.

Christiane Doerk, an exchange student at SHS.

This year Jane and her exchange family will go to Little Rock and celebrate New Year’s Eve by Ice Skating. She loves Arkansas and how different it is compared to other places. In response to inquiries about her opinion of Searcy, she states “I think it’s a really great place to learn about the American culture and lifestyle. I’m feeling at home over here and I have good friends.”

Many of the citizens of Searcy will have large parties. The Rialto Theatre in downtown Searcy will have a New Year’s Eve event that is free to enter. It begins at 9:30 p.m. and ends at 12:30 a.m. There will be a photo booth, free snacks, and a live DJ. New Year’s Eve is a time for reminiscing the good and bad times, having an amazing time with family and friends, and celebrating all of your accomplishments and the ones to come.

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