Wild Sweet Williams Food Review

Searcy (LP) Wild Sweet Williams is a new bakery in Searcy. It is in front of Spring Park.

The bakery's logo

The bakery’s logo

This is a walk in bakery. They serve handmade scones, kolaches, focaccia, babka, cookies, breakfast muffins, coffee, tea, regular muffins, and also gift cards.  These items are sold by the piece or dozen everyday. All batches are made fresh and made by scratch daily. The store closes when they have sold out all of the desserts. It is small place. You most likely would not see it if you are new in Searcy. This Bakery is a good place to get unique desserts. The prices are $3.00 for scones, kolache, and focaccia, $4.00 for babka, $2.50 for morning glories, cookies and muffins are $1.25, and $1.50 for coffee and tea.

The name comes from her dad name William Ford. The restaurant is a European theme and has many desserts. It is a fun, family place perfect for anyone. I highly recommend the Strawberry Scone. A scone combination of bread and cake. This is a very special scone. It is called the scone of the South. “It has more cream sugar that’s reflects the southern side” says Lisa Ford. It is top with sugar and it is filled with strawberry. I like the friendly customer service and how her young children working there. There are also SHS freshmen that workthere too, Braden Dodds and Micah Ford (the owner’s son).

The inside of Wild Sweet William's Bakery

The inside of Wild Sweet William’s Bakery

“I would recommend this because it’s a family friendly place and have delicious and special desserts” says Breanna Chase. Her favorite is a strawberry cream cheese danish. “This is my favorite because the cream cheese is the best and the strawberry middle makes it pop” says Chase.
It was created by Lisa Ford. “My best seller is the blackberry scone”says Ford. She and her kids work at the bakery.

Their opening hours are Wednesday through Saturday, it is 7am to 1pm and on Monday and Sunday they are closed. Their phone number is 501-827-5053. It is located on 304B S Main St. Searcy, AR. If you have not tried Wild Sweet Willam’s, you need to try it.





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