Valentine’s Day from Searcy High Students’ Views

Searcy(LP) Valentine’s Day is known to most people as, “the most romantic day of the year.”  Valentine’s Day can be incredibly  exciting to people of all ages, races, and gender.   Valentines Day occurs on the Fourteenth of February and is a day that celebrates love and all things dealing with love. Love is always in the air around the month of February, and this holiday can be a day where families can cherish their loved ones, and/or couples enjoy the comfort of their significant other. Regardless of your relationship status, whether you are single, married, or dating, this day may be a sweet escape for all people on earth.

This love can be shown through the giving of gifts, such as flowers, candy, chocolate, and presents of all types. Sophomore, Logan Hite says that she will be giving her boyfriend, Wade Pitt, “A Starbucks drink, candy, and a card, or something simple like that.”  Chocolate is a large part of this holiday, and comes in many shapes and sizes.  There are heart shaped boxes of turtles, truffles, Oreo balls, cookies, and assorted chocolates with multiple fillings.  Many couples will go out on special date nights, where they will get dressed up, fix their hair all nice, and make reservations to a fancy or exquisite restaurant.  Junior, Everett Kirkman says that her dream Valentine’s Day date would consist of, “Going to Dave & Buster’s; and just having a fun time with each other.”

Love is in the air at Searcy High School the week before Valentine's Day.

Love is in the air at Searcy High School the week before Valentine’s Day.

Each individual has unique or special meanings of the holiday, and Valentine’s Day can be special to different students for different reasons.  Logan Hite says that, “The holiday isn’t special to me, but Wade, and everyday spent with him, is.” Students not in a relationship, might have a different take as to why this day is special.  Single lady, Everett Kirkman tells us that, “It is very special to me because in 2003 I got a dog on Valentine’s Day. And that dog is still in my life, and every time I think of Valentine’s Day I think of Jack, and I love Jack.” I hope that Valentine’s Day, whether meaningless to you, or special to you, will be marvelous and unforgettable this 2017 year.



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