Drama Club Prepares For its Next Play

Searcy (LP) The Searcy Drama Club has continued to prepare for the upcoming play: You Can’t Take It With You. This play is centered around a boy and a girl from two different families that share different social standings. One family is very prim and proper, but the other family is the definition of chaos. The boy and girl are in love with each other, but they don’t know if things will work out because of the differences in their two families. This play involves their journey to getting married. Like sports or any other kind of craft, it is not logical to expect a smooth running and polished performance without sufficient preparation and practice; the Drama Club understands this very well. The Club  had rehearsals up to four times a week recently to make progress on their play. After school, members of the drama club will gather and rehearse for anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours. This much work may be stressful, but it is imperative to the success of the play. The technical aspect of the play is extremely important. Every Monday, the Drama Club dedicates their rehearsal to making sure everything is on cue for technology. The play must have a good set and make sure that the sound and light cues are on time like they need to be.

The Drama Club prepares for its upcoming play by rehearsing their lines.

The Drama Club prepares for its upcoming play by rehearsing their lines.

Although the technical aspect of the play is important, much of how good the play turns out is strictly on the actors. Mrs. Taylor, who presides over the Drama Club, said “Aside from memorizing lines, having an awesome set, sound and light cues being ready, having a great ensemble cast is what makes this show shine.” Having belief in each other is important in order to perform well  and the drama club makes sure that this is the case. Caleb Raper, a freshman in Drama, said “Most people in drama are willing to work with each other and we’re able to get a lot done. I’m excited to see the production of this play because our practices have been great.” The Drama Club’s hard work is evident in their recent practices, and their preparations should be reflected in their success.

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