Seniors in Searcy are Moving from Childhood to Adulthood


Griffen Birdsong talking to college boards about his projects for scholarships and acceptance in a college.

Searcy(LP) Most students talk about how they can’t wait until Senior year, but only people who have been a senior or is one, really knows what is going on Senior year. Students work hard all through school till they reach a point where the adults finally see the students as adults too, most of this happens Senior year. Some students work hard to impress teachers, parents, and fellow students who have watched them through out their lives becoming friends and a weird family. Elizabeth Corbin Senior at Searcy High School said, “I wish I would’ve talked to teachers more, some of them are interesting.” Students spend more time with fellow peers then actual family throughout the year. While Seniors are saying goodbye they feel closer and more attached to the people they spend their life with. People pull away as the goodbyes continue while everything is changing around the Seniors most feel obliged to change as well. Savannah Edwards Senior at Searcy High School mentioned “I thought Seniors where more mature but now that I am one I see they are just the same as always.” Changes in attitude, appearance, and future happen in this stage of life. Griffen Birdsong senior at Searcy High said, “I don’t really feel different, I mean I don’t feel like a little freshman, but I still feel like a junior.”

Bittersweet moments take over the lives of Seniors, last homecoming is the time where we show our respect and dedication to our school, Last pep rally, last year, last ACT, last prom, and last holiday while living with parents. Savannah and Elizabeth both told their bittersweet moments “It’s exciting to meet new people, but sad to leave my friends.” While there are all these last there are many first as well. First day of college, first move away from your parents, first holiday on your own, and first time you take on the responsibilities of caring for yourself. Some students may take different paths, but each Class of 2017can admit there are lots of lasts and lots of firsts. Griffen mentioned “I don’t really have anything I want to change except making the drama department more of a family again.” Savannah said if theres anything she could change it would be to be in a sport or more involved in something.

Around this time of the year Seniors are getting acceptance and denial letters from colleges as well as scholarships and grants. This is one step closer to the final stage of High School coming down to the last 60 days of school (not including weekends). Next is Prom the last day for seniors before graduation. Female Seniors prepare all year for this day. The day to show off and have fun. 12 days before seniors throw the caps in the air and are officially Adults going into college or the next step in life. Preparation for the future is crucial at this point, because if you don’t have any idea what you’re doing it can cause over stress, being lost in life, and a feeling of unpreparedness. Griffen has his plans “I want to go to AState in jonesboro for technical theatre and design, later in life I want to work in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World as a lighting designer.” Afterwards Griffen recommended “Everyone should have a fallback or backup plan things happen so be prepared.”

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