Prom Closet Now Carrying Men’s Attire

Searcy (LP) Prom closet has been an ongoing tradition for three years at Searcy High School for kids who may not be able to afford new clothing for prom or for kids who do not want to go out and spend the money on new clothes just for prom. The program started because purchasing or renting attire for prom can be very expensive and the school wanted to offer a resource for students to be able to dress fashionably and comfortably for prom without them having to spend all of their money to attend. Prom Closet is a free service offered and they also schedule students for free hair and make-up sessions before prom.

Men's Attire via Google Images

Men’s Attire via Google Images

This year begins the start of prom closet carrying men’s clothing. The addition of men’s attire was brought up after success on female attire was noticed, Mrs. Betsy Bailey is the head of prom closet and states “We needed to see if the women’s Prom Closet would be successful before we added our inventory. It has proven to be very successful and we hope that the men’s section will provide students an option as well.” This year is the first year prom closet has had the funding to be able to add a men’s section as stated by Sara Dacus, “We have been working on this idea since the inception of the project. This is the first year we had enough donations to make this a reality.” Not only does prom closet take donations of money, they also take donations of unwanted clothing from students who no longer have a use for them or want to be generous. Last year a few students offered to donate a selection of clothing, so they felt it was a good time for them to start carrying men’s attire as stated by Betsy Bailey, “We had some gentlemen offer to donate suits and dress clothing, and we thought it was a good time to start.”

Shopping days for prom closet will be held Tuesday, March 7th, Thursday, March 9th, and Tuesday, March 28th. Students who would like to participate in any of the shopping days are invited to come to the third floor of the Searcy High School PAC between three fifteen and five o’ clock pm. They will be holding items such as dresses, shoes, purses and jewelry, and ¬†also a small selection of men’s suits and ties. Students may also sign up for hair and make-up services during this time for prom. If you are interested in donating to the Prom Closet please contact Mrs. Betsy Bailey or Mrs. Sara Dacus in order to do so.

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