Car Safety Tips

Searcy (LP) In Searcy, there are many car crashes that cause deaths and injuries. 1.0% of the Arkansas Population have been reported drinking and driving. 10.5% of the Arkansas population ages 21-34 have died. 4.3% of the population ages 35 and up have died from it.
Car crashes are usually made by people who are distracted while driving. There are several different distractions. It may be another passenger, a pet, and something off the road. Some other things that may cause a crash are drinking and driving, being on your phone, playing DJ, bad weather conditions, and running stop lights or stop signs. “Yes, I am a safe driver. Everytime I drive I pay attention to my surroundings and never be on the phone while I am driving,” says Julia Robertson.

Always buckle your seat belt before you start drive Courtesy of Google

Always buckle your seat belt before you start the car Courtesy of Google Images

The main cause of a car crash is speeding or reckless driving. Some people who are distracted before driving may not have put their seat belt on. Putting your seatbelt on before you start the car is very important. A seat belt can help you not to fly out the of car during a crash. A seatbelt can also help you from hitting other people in the car during a collision. “I always put my seat belt on before I start the car,” says Julia. In Arkansas there were 58,591 auto accidents that happened in the past four years. Most of these crashes were people who were driving under the influence, or being on their phone. “I have never driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” says Julia  In Searcy, there were two deaths in a car crash last year because the driver was not paying attention to where she was going.

Tips on Being Safe on the road:
Always wear your seat belt
Never be on your phone while driving
Pay attention to your surroundings
Plan ahead
Never drink and drive
Be drug-free
Never run a stop sign or light       Always use your turn signal                 Be aware of the weather condition
While driving be careful of other drivers on the road.

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