Searcy Student Pursues Bowling In College

Searcy (LP) SHS Senior Abigail Hollman is pursuing her bowling career in college at Arkansas State University at Jonesboro. This in itself is very impressive, as Arkansas State’s bowling program is quite accomplished.

Hollman has been presented with the opportunity to keep bowling at ASU-Jonesboro.

Hollman has been presented with the opportunity to keep bowling at ASU-Jonesboro.

Obviously, playing any sport at a college is no easy task. Lots of preparation must be put in, think of how time consuming high school sports are. Countless hours are spent in attempt to polish one’s skills  and this only becomes more difficult in college. This is largely in part of the competition in college. Because of how everyone  is good  at that level, one has to work harder to stand out. However, Hollman is ready for this challenge. “I’m excited to get to bowl at Arkansas State because I know I have what it takes to be a successful bowler. Even though there will be a lot of good bowlers I believe that with hard work I can still reach the goals I have set for myself.” Even though a lot of work lays ahead for Hollman, the challenge itself is something to look forward to. Many students dream about having the chance to play their favorite sport in college and many of them work hard to make that a reality. Despite this, only a handful of student athletes get the chance to pursue the sport they have a passion towards at a higher level. Because of this, it is important to not take this opportunity for granted. “I have always had a passion for bowling, and I am thankful that I have a chance to get to keep playing the sport I love for another four years.” Bowling in particular is a nice sport to play in college, as it is not as physically demanding as some other sports. It is also an indoor sport, so there is never a time when you can’t practice because of inclement weather or darkness. The bowling season will not begin until late Fall, so until then Hollman will have a chance to refine her skills and get even better at the sport she loves. She doesn’t plan on letting go of this opportunity.

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