Freshmen football team moves up to the Senior Varsity team

Searcy (LP) The freshmen never get credit for what they do. They are singled out from the football and basketball teams. Next school year when they are sophomores that will change.

The freshmen football team is moving up to the senior varsity team. Ever since they came to Searcy High School, freshmen have been put in their own category. They have their own football, pep rallies, boys basketball and girls basketball teams and cheerleaders. The Senior Varsity football season starts when school begins and it ends however far they get in to  playoffs. Their practice usually lasts for about two hours. One in the morning and the other during 7th period. The estimate of freshmen who might be on the team is fifteen to twenty.

The football players praticing

The football players praticing

As they move up, there are lots of different activities to try. “Everybody is more into it, like pushing you more and trying to make you better. There is no slacking off up here and we are trying to get as good as we can,” says Braden Dodds. Another differences is that there is “different levels of athletes,” says Sawyer Jackson. At SHS you can play football for all four years of high school. “Yes, I am going to do football for all four years. I would like to be a starter as soon as I can, so I am just starting to work up to it,” says Braden. For each person football has a different meaning for different people. “I like the intensity of the practice and they get straight to the point. We are trying to get big, fast, and strong and all the dubs that we can,” says Braden. To others, it might mean something more. “I love it, football is a big part of my life and I enjoy playing it every second,” says Sawyer.

Braden Dodds and Sawyer Jackson

Picture of Braden Dodds and Sawyer Jackson

The freshmen who are practicing with the senior varsity team are very excited to be moving up. We wish good luck to all the freshmen who are to be on the team, to do a good job.



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