SHS’ Favorite Bachelor Contestant

Searcy (LP) The Bachelor is a very popular dating reality show that many SHS students are fans of. The season of The Bachelor starred Nick Viall on the show. Nick dated thirty women that all lived in the same house as each other. Everyone who watches always has their favorite girls that they root for throughout the season. Usually fan favorites around SHS vary but this season was quite different. One of the contestants on the dating show was an Arkansas native Raven Gates. She quickly became a fan favorite around the school. Another fan favorite was Corinne Olympios. Corinne did not have the home field advantage around SHS but her over the top personality attracted many fans. But with the many fans she attracted, she did manage to attract some haters.


The Bachelor Nick Viall

I went around school to get a poll of which contestant is their favorite and why. When I brought up Corrine at first I received a mixture of reactions, “Ew, I do not like her she is so annoying and entitled.” said Anna Rachel Hite. ” Corinne is my favorite without her the show would be so boring” said Julius Cooperwood. Then when I asked about Raven it was all mostly love, “I want her to win just because this state needs to produce more famous people” said Hafsa Majeed. “She is the sweetest and she’s from Arkansas,so yeah I want her to win.” said Alexis Bottoms.

Overall Corinne and Raven are about even with their fan base around SHS. Although neither of the women won, Raven was runner up and Corinne is going to Bachelor in Paradise. The next bachelorette will be one of the girls fellow rivals on the show Rachel Lindsey the franchise’s first ever African American bachelor/bachelorette.

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