Did you know homework is good for you?

Searcy (LP) High schoolers, middle schoolers, and elementary kids mostly hate homework. Even though it  is boring and many people don’t like it, it can be beneficial to you as you move closer to graduation.

Spanish 1 Homework

Spanish 1 Homework

Homework has a good and bad side to it. “I do like homework because it establishes the basic frameworks of completing not only an assignment, but learning commitment as well,” says Alex Fitzgerald. The benefits of homework is that it improves your memory and thinking. It also helps studying skills and habits that will remain throughout your life. It teaches students to work independently and take responsibility for their work. Homework also helps students use school resources like textbooks, the library, or computers. It also helps students understand and practice what they have learned in class. Homework teaches students about time management and the importance of staying organized and taking action. Homework also helps parents understand what their kid is learning in school. According to Time Magazine, students who are in the seventh through twelfth grade who do their homework do better in school. Time Magazine also says that homework improves your  attitude toward school, self-discipline, and inquisitiveness. “ I think homework helps with commitment, self motivation, growth, and prioritizing,” says Alex.  He has either Math, Music Theory, or English homework. It is usually one to two assignments a day. “I do think homework is stressful, especially when I do not get or understand a subject it is very nerve- racking, however our Math Dept. is very open to helping their students,” says Alex  

There are many different reasons why homework is bad for you.”I don”t like homework because it takes up my free time and you just got out of school and then you have to go  home and do school-work,” says Anna Smith. Instead of spending time with family or friends and relaxing when they get home, they have to do homework. Another reason is they usually do it the night before and they stay up all night until two in the morning doing it. Some kids do the homework the day the teachers tell them or give it to them, but also it might be hard and you stay up all night doing it. It can also stress students out because they might think that they might fail the assignment given to them. To some students homework can be unimportant. Time Magazine says that homework causes students physical and emotional fatigue and negative attitudes towards learning.  “I get about three pages of homework from either all my classes or just one,” says Smith.

Next time you have  homework think about the benefits it has for you.


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