Preparation For Life After High School

Searcy (LP) Preparing for college can be a stressful and tedious task, which will ultimately determine what you do with your life. Growing up, a person is usually taught to go to high school, graduate and then go on to college. Many seniors throughout Searcy High School are beginning to prepare for the rest of their lives, whether that is to go to college, to graduate and look for a job or to take a year off to relax. As time goes by, a person thinks of many different things they might want to do with their life. At this time in life a person begins to think about what they want to be and most decide to go to college. Senior, Kory O’ Neil expresses this, “As time has gone by throughout the year I have had to take the time to decide what school I will be going to for the next four years, it was a very difficult choice but I decided to further my career at the University of Central Arkansas.” Kory goes on to explain how he is going to finish this year strong, not only academically but also in baseball. Teachers have took preparing their seniors very seriously by intensifying work and allowing the seniors to take part in more independent work.

Searcy High School

Searcy High School

One teacher, Darlene Stewart explains how she has been working on keeping her seniors motivated and focused with their leave coming soon, “To keep students more motivated, I changed my curriculum around from teaching Hamlet at the end of the year to teaching a book that is easier to read and more relevant to their lives: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. I also am having students write memoirs that will go in their senior memory book, so the majority of writing that students still have to do is about themselves. That is making the last month of school a little easier for seniors.” Not only has this affected how students have acted in class but also has pushed them to tell more about theirselves and open up before they begin their journey to college.

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