Prom Dress Shopping Experience at Searcy High

Searcy(LP)  Prom is one of the most important events of the year for High Schoolers which is why it requires months of prior planning.  Prom also becomes the talk of the school starting in late February and early March, and remains until the day of Prom.  This year at Searcy High School prom occurs on April 29th.  Prom is for juniors and seniors, but if a junior or senior wants to ask an underclassman they can.  Prom can be stressful for students and parents alike, in that there are so many projects that need to be accomplished.  Boy attendees have to purchase tickets, rent a tuxedo, and buy a corsage for their dates.  Girls are required to book hair and makeup appointments, buy shoes and jewelry, buy a boutonnière, and most importantly buy a dress for this special night. Purchasing a dress can be expensive and stressful to all involved.

Prom dress shopping is a different experience for all who participate.  Some students take their friends, others take just their mom; either way, make sure to bring the perfect entourage. Another factor in buying a prom dress is deciding where to shop.  Many students will travel far distances to make sure that no other girl has their dress, but others will travel a short distance of 50 miles to Little Rock to buy their dress.  Popular stores include Buffies All the Rage and First Impressions in Little Rock, and Royal We in Conway. Each store has a different experience which is why we found out two Searcy High Students personal experience trying on and purchasing dresses. Most girls will take up to three hours when picking out the perfect dress, but Sophomore Julia Shands says that, “it took me about twenty-five minutes.”  When trying on dresses there can be many different approaches.  Shands says that when she got to Buffies, “I looked at all the racks, and saw a pretty white dress that I liked, and I tried it on, and I knew it was the one.” But the realness of this is that most girls do not find their dress with such ease, Junior Everett Kirkman shopped  and explained to us that, “First impressions was the second store I went to, so I already knew kind of the style I was looking for. When I got there, I went to my size section and started browsing colors that I knew I liked. I picked a few different dresses and tried them all on. Then, when I found the one that made me feel beautiful. I said ‘Mother! Give me your card ASAP Rocky!’ and that was the end of it.”

Julia Shands tries on dress at Buffies All the Rage in Little Rock.

Julia Shands tries on dress at Buffies All the Rage in Little Rock.

Everyone is different in the ways they like to accomplish certain goals which is why all females have unique times when finding the perfect dress.  If there was anything that Shands says she would change about her experience it would be, “finding a dress earlier.”  When prom dress shopping, remember that the people working are there to help you, so feel free to ask questions.

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