Programming in Searcy High

Poster promoting East with Sphero and Oille in front

Searcy (LP) Searcy High is always getting new technology in East, but the new technology they received is going to change the way they make projects. East has been a part of Searcy for a long time and has made and finished big projects around the community. For instance, the new firehouse project and walk-through history project was a very big success! The new technology they have is called Ollie and Sphero! These little robots are going to make a big difference on how East learns to program. Sphero is a spherical robot toy designed by Sphero, previously Orbotix. It is a white orb wrapped in polycarbonate plastic, capable of rolling around, and controlled by a smartphone or tablet application. They also make the BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as the toy, called the Ollie. Sphere allows you to program its movements and learn to code from watching it. This way you can program it to go forward and backward and to do maybe a few tricks!

“It’s another way to learn coding that makes it more fun,” said Mrs. Carpenter. Now, why does this coding software stand out among the rest? Well, the company Sphero actually makes the program so easy that anyone can do it. They also make a classroom set that you can buy on their website. An Ollie is another robot that East has gotten recently. This robot allows you to do tricks and is also going to help students in East understand robotics. These robots are going to help students with projects even outside of programming. “Using the robots has let me understand coding and lead me on to more project ideas,” said Bailey Chapman. Using Ollie and Sphere for mapping, the idea for some SHS students have, is a major ¬†goal to them. Bailey Chapman wants to learn how to program the hero to go around the hallways all by its self without needing assistants. Many other students like Thomas Sledge, hope to use Ollie as another go-pro to help map and make videos to promote East in Searcy High. Ollie and Sphero seem to have a lot of potential in East and we hope to see them make their dreams come true.

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