Searcy Seniors Reflect with Memory Books

Searcy (LP) Every year seniors in English are given the task of creating a memory book of their senior year. For seniors in Doc’s AP class the requirements are 12 essays, 500-1000 words long, over significant events with pictures or mementos commemorating them.  Some popular events are holidays, homecoming, senior night, first day of school, try outs, youth group activities, and outings with friends. Students begin writing essays in August as Doc requires three each nine weeks for the first semester. After that seniors are on their own to get everything together by the due date.

A memory book cover. Some students include favorite or inspirational quotes.

A memory book cover. Some students like to include favorite or inspirational quotes.

Senior Bethany Corkran made sure she had her book done the week before so all the pressure would be off. She said, “It was a blessing getting to look back and remember all the great things that happened throughout the year. Sometimes you forget and you need that reminder. I really enjoyed getting to make one.” Most seniors wait until the last minute to scramble getting theirs in, often staying up late the night before and morning of to get it done. Corkran said, “Even if you say you will work on it little by little you don’t. Advice to next year’s seniors would be to actually work on it ahead of time. It will save you a lot of stress.” It probably won’t happen, but it’s good advice, Juniors beware!

Searcy graduate Montana Wallace who substituted for Doc brought his memory book and passed it around for students to see. He said, “Me and my friends all got together the night before and stayed up late together working on them.” This is great advice for future seniors. You could even take pictures and put it in your memory book! The most important part of making a memory book is having something to look back on to remember your friends and experiences. A popular choice of essay this year was to write a letter to yourself or a reflection over the year.

Senior Ryleigh Evans said, “Writing the letter to myself was the most emotional part. I was fine until then, but remembering all the important things and people almost made me cry.” All in all memory books are a hit among Searcy graduates. Even though we may not like it at the time, it’s definitely a great thing to have to look back on and show your kids someday.

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