SHS Can’t Wait until Summer Vacation!

Searcy (LP) It is almost that time where you’re in the car with the windows down and playing your favorite songs and heading off to begin your summer vacation. SHS is ready for summer break and the students are just waiting for that last bell to ring to begin their summer. Everyone loves summer vacation because they get to be with family and meet some of their old friends. But some students don’t go out much like Royce Thompson said, “I’m mixed about summer. I don’t like summer due to being alone all the time. For me summer means being in my room for hours at a time with nobody to talk to.” If you don’t know where to go then here is some ideas for you and your family to go do during summer road trips, theme parks, waterparks, cruises, go to a different city and learn their culture, camping, fishing, hiking, go to a beach, there is plenty to do during the summer time with family.

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Ethan Million, Calandra cook, Alex Fitzgerald ready for summer

Calandra Cook said, “My family has a busy summer planned. We are going to the beach in North Carolina with my husband’s family. I am going to Florida for a few days with my friends. Then we will travel to Ohio to see my family. And then I’m headed to Chicago to see the musical Hamilton. In between all of those activities, I will be attending workshops and seminars to help prepare for next school year.” SHS is fun to learn new things every weekday but sometimes students need to discover new things on their own. Most students will just work during the summer and let others relax and have fun. Alex Fitzgerald said “I am very excited for summer! I like it because it enables me to get not only more work done but because I can get to                               work while others take a break.”

Most teens like to work and learn a little more before school starts again. Alex said, “I just really want to work during summer to be more smart and more better off then I was before. To be smarter at what I love to do.” As for the teachers here at SHS Calandra Cook said “I’m ready for summer but although teachers also do work in the summers, we also aren’t in the classroom every day. I enjoy summer. I like having time to visit family and recover from the school year. But honestly, summer isn’t my favorite season. I prefer autumn’s cooler temperatures to the heat and humidity of summer.” Summer is a great season because think of all of the BBQs, staying out late, getting a tan, more sleep time, and eating your ice-cream before it melts. Summer is a great time for adventuring and also discovering something new.

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