Football Team Preparing for Next Season

Searcy (LP) Most of the Searcy knows their football team and how well they did this year! Knowing how they are planning to prepare for next season is something everyone wants to know and is Searcy in good hands with the next class coming up to take the mantle? Deairus Whitney said, ” I feel really good about he next class that they will take Searcy to next level of football that has been needed for a long time.” We are all looking forward to seeing how well they are going to do next season and here are some ways they are preparing for the upcoming season. Whitney said “It all matters if the team is on the same page. Willing to make scarifies for the team putting in an extra hour of practice on your own. We usually do running drills and practice after school in lion stadium.” Searcy has always loved their football team and has always shown support to the lions. The football team always lift weights in the off season to build up muscle and get their cardio up for next season. “It’s always good to see the younger class take off season seriously and all have the same goal in mind to win state,” said Whitney. Some other things they do is have fun at the right time and play a little 3 on 3 with other players on the team . “Winning takes more than just practice it takes bonding together with your teammates and knowing each other.” The next season is something we always look forward to and some times brings hope to other players. Conner collins said, “I can’t wait for the next season. I think we stack up really good with other teams. I hate that the seniors are leaving, but I am most ready to be a leader and have a winning season. ” As we all are looking forward to next year and supporting them on all the way through. We hope that our Searcy lions have a great season and make history for Searcy high school. From all of Searcy high, we hope to see you at the games.

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