A Man who Changed the Lives of Many

Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith 2017

Searcy(LP) One man has done a lot for Searcy High School, some even say he dedicated his life towards the education of children. Mr. Claude Smith has worked for Searcy Schools for 41 years. Mrs. Stake at Searcy High school has worked with Mr.Smith for 26 years. “He is well deserved and worked hard for many years.” The last 13 was as administration, while the other 28 years was as band director. As band director Mr. Smith took many students to All-State in 1997 he had a plaque challenging all future bands to bring more students then he had that year to All-State band. Mr smith pushed all his students to do their best and work their hardest. In 2000 he even states “You never get a second chance at a first impression.” Showing that you have to be you at all times and make a good impression, good. “I wanted the best for my students so I expected the best of my students.”


Searcy High School Year book 2003


There are many reasons to get into a job, and to pursue dreams Mr. Smith had the influence of his teachers and directors to get him were he is today. “I decided I wanted to go into music, my band director was a big influence on me.” With this he became band director for many years. Madison Show Senior at Searcy High said “He will be missed and no one will be as kind and helpful as Mr. Smith. I’m glad I graduate this year, because no principle will be as good as him.”


Searcy High School Yearbook 1998

Mr. Smith is a well respected man at Searcy High, Mrs. Diane Barrett superintendent of Searcy School District spoke highly of the retiring principle. She announced his retirement and his replacement Mr. Gene Hodges principle at Ahlf Junior High. Mr. Smith received a standing ovation at the scholar awards every student and parent in the cafeteria stood and honored him for all his hard work and dedication. Every student at Searcy High School will miss him greatly. While upcoming freshman won’t know him personally everyone will respect him forever. The last advice he had to give was “Give it 100% don’t go into it halfhearted.”

Mr. Smith dedicated his life to Searcy High Students, so this is dedicated to him. “The best part of a job is the people your around. I would put Searcy Staff against anyone and they would be best. Seeing the students come as ninth graders and watching them grow is the best.” Thank you Mr. Smith for your lifetime of dedication and hard work, you’ve helped many students grow and succeed in life.

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