Many Students Drink Energy Drinks in SHS


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Searcy (LP) Energy drinks are addictive and there are different types of energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, and plenty more. Those energy drinks can be addictive for the taste and every time someone drinks a energy drink they may have a possibility of having a heart attack. Basically, it’s hard to know specifically what could go wrong, but there is a great deal of concern over your health. Although lets not get mixed up on the other energy drinks such as gatorade, power aid, vitamin water, and propel.

Ethan Million said ” I love energy drinks especially Monster energy drinks but not so often. I drink energy drinks because it picks me up for the day and it helps me not to sleep during class. When I drink too much I get a headache and that’s when I stop drinking them for a day.” Energy drinks may cause side effects and a possibility that you have to go to the doctor for a check up. Before you pick a energy drink think twice and grab a water bottle instead or some juice. Drinking ice cold water every morning will give you a pick me up and there is no need for a energy drink just drink water and grab a fruit and your day won’t be so sleepy. Doctors and scientists found that a 5-ounce bottle of Monster Energy M-3 Super Concentrate contained 206 mg of caffeine and 5-Hour Energy contained about the same amount but in just 2 ounces, meaning that 5-Hour Energy is even more concentrated than Monster.


energy drinks courtesy of google images

Avoid the energy drinks if you are under eight-teen only sports energy is safe to drink if you limit it on how much you drink. The bad energy drinks could cause stress and it will harm your growth if you drink it on a daily bases. Drinking energy drinks constantly may give you a seizures and that is not healthy at a young age. Calandra Cook said “I am very wary of energy drinks. If someone needs a boost, I say drink a soda or a cup of coffee. There is just too much unknown about the effects of energy drinks.” People need to drink more water than the energy drinks.

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