Tiny Home Trend Takes White County by Storm


A  Wooden Tiny Home

Searcy (LP) The tiny home trend is a trend that is sweeping the nation. There are even television shows that cover the construction and real estate market of tiny homes. What is a tiny home? A tiny home is virtually just a downsized house on wheels around 100 and 400 square feet. Although the community of Searcy is not exactly a hot spot for tiny homes, many citizens are completely unaware that they are being built right down the street. Retired contractor Gary Donnell spends his free time building custom tiny homes for his clients. “I just do it to pass the time retirement is pretty boring.” stated Gary Donnell. Gary started building tiny homes after watching the HGTV show Tiny House Builders, “It looked pretty easy so I just did it.” He now fills orders from all over the south he is now working on a project for his neighbor, Freddy Hicks.

“I would pass by his house every morning and afternoon on my way to and from work and finally I had to ask what he was working on.” said Freddy Hicks. After Gary informed him of what exactly he was doing Freddy wanted one for himself. The idea of a tiny home is to live a more simple life from time to time. “It’s like a homier, smaller, and nicer camper.” explains Gary. Freddy’s dream tiny home is estimated to be completely built by early June and fully customized with granite counter tops in a full kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom all on wheels! All he will have to do is hook it up to his truck and travel where ever he likes.

Gary hopes on expanding his custom tiny home business by purchasing a workshop in Fayetteville. This would allow him to run a more professional business and separate his work and home life. Although Gary plans on moving to north west Arkansas after he fills Freddy’s order he still will be returning often to his home and check up on his customers. “There is a higher demand for homes like these up there so that’s where I’m going.” stated the retired contractor.

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