A New Chapter is Starting for 2017 SHS Graduates

Searcy (LP) The class of 2017 has been in school for for thirteen years now and some are ready to move on and begin their new chapter in their life, but some are afraid of the new world they are about to experience. There is a massive amount of feelings including excitement, fear, happiness and many more on the night of graduation. While some graduates know where they are going to college and what they want their future career to be, there are some that do not know where or what they will be doing this up coming school year.

SHS student walks across the stage to receive diploma.

Justin Osborn, a Searcy High graduate is “planning on going to college at Harding University, and not sure what I would like to major in, so as of now I am just signed up for their usual freshman classes.” Many of us say that we can not wait to get into the real world and find out who we really are but, “I’m a little scared to be in the world by myself and only having to depend of myself for my needs.” Although it is scary, “I think that I will learn all throughout my life what my purpose of being here is.” The upcoming seniors of Searcy High School have a lot to look forward to, including Rainey Joyner said, “I’m ready to graduate and see what life has in store for me.” Students around the world all have different reactions to graduating and so do the parents, ┬áMrs. Osborn, Justin’s mom said that “There were all kinds of emotions coming over my body during the graduation, especially when they called my son’s name, I did not know how to feel, and yes I did have a few tears.”

As you can see this day can mean many different things to different people. We wish all the class of 2017 the best of luck with this brand new chapter in their life that has officially started, and to the upcoming classes of Searcy High School to always be the best versions of their selves and to that it is okay to shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you will land among the stars.

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