Artistic Florist and Gifts recognize women on Working Women’s Wednesday

Searcy(LP) Fresh, gorgeous flowers are delivered to working women each Wednesday in May.  The women are chosen on websites for radio stations such as Big 94.9 and Vintage Hits 106.5. The radio stations have applications to fill out with the information that needs to be included:name of administrative assistant, workplace, business address, phone number, name of the person making the nomination, and something special about the nominee. Email to nominate on


Artistic Florist and Gifts, the location where bouquets are sold to the working women

Jennifer Hamilton, worker at Artistic Florist and Gifts of Searcy, has put together many bouquets of flowers for Working Women’s Wednesday. As the process goes, she states “The radio stations pick the people they give it to. The applicants are emailed to the radio station. Then they come here and pick up the vases every Wednesday morning and hand deliver them to their recipients.” About thirty bouquets of flowers have been given to the women this month.

This act of gratitude lifts the spirits of the working women and lets them know they are wonderful.  Hamilton states “as part of giving back to Searcy,this is what we decided to do. We give ten faces of flowers each week. They’re our handpicked, freshest, prettiest flowers. “ Roses, marions, and carnations are just a few of the flowers selected.
The women  that are chosen, the “office goddesses”, are announced on the radio stations above each Wednesday.

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