SHS New Principal

Searcy (LP) After forty-one years of service, Claude Smith retires and the new sheriff in town has arrived! On Thursday, March 30th Gene Hodges impressed the Board of Education and was announced as Searcy High Schools new principal. His previous work experience includes being the assistant principal and principal of AHLF Junior High, and a biology teacher at Cabot High School. Somestudents, teachers, and parents have strong opinions and mixed feelings about our new principal. The students of Searcy were nervous to see if our new strict principal lived up to the rumors and expectations.

 Who is Mr. Hodges? What type of relationships does he have with his new students? Resource officer, Don Davis, had a few comments involving Mr. Hodges new role. When asked why students aren’t too excited about their new principal, Officer Davis stated, “the two men have two totally different styles. Mr. Hodges is determined to enforce and maintain the rules in the handbook. He’s a big jokester and easy to get along with.” At the end of his long stressful day, Mr. Hodges goes home to his son, Fisher, and relaxes. Fisher attends the same high school his dad is in charge in and was “caught off guard” when he was told the big news. “It’s weird seeing my dad walking in the same hallways as me and get on to kids for having their earbuds in or hats on. Once in junior high he gave me Saturday school for picking on one of my friends.” Some kids would sometimes treat Fisher differently since his dad has a reputation of being strict. “They would tell me that they didn’t like my dad and expected me to react to it. My dad is my dad and what a couple of kids have to say about him doesn’t bother me whatsoever.” Mr. Hodges and Fisher have a close relationship. During their free time, they like to play basketball, watch movies, or go fishing. “It gets pretty boring with just me and my dad at the house, but we always find something to do.” Despite all the rumors and negative opinions about Mr. Hodges, he’s a loving, hardworking father who cares for Searcy High School as much as his students do. He leads our school with discipline and proper procedure. This is his first year and we’re off to a good start! Hopefully Mr. Hodges will be in charge for many years and stay as long as Mr. Smith.

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