Rule Changes from the New Principal

Searcy High School Handbook

Searcy(LP) Who likes rules? Not many people! But rules are important to keep everything in line and get everything done efficiently.  School rules are made for students to have good behavior and for the safety of them. But sometimes the rules can get out of hand and to the point where kids start breaking the rules because it’s something their not used to or  they think it’s a dumb rule. Searcy High School students love the new principle, Mr.Hodges,  but not too much the new rules he brought with him from Ahlf Junior High ,where he was the principal. Some students don’t tend to notice that the rules have changed ever since the new principal arrived, but others think different. Trystan Alkorn, a junior on the football team,  sat down and told me his thoughts on the rules. Since it’s his first year as a junior at  SHS, Alkorn stated, “the rules haven’t really hit me the way it hit those that have been here longer than me.”  Trystan moved from Batesville High to SHS this year for football and didn’t know about the new principle. He wasn’t very thrilled because “in my old school we were able to leave for lunch, use our phones and eat in certain classes, but we can’t do any of that here which I’m not used to, but I can’t complain because he’s only doing what’s best for the students” Alkorn stated. Mrs.Delgado, the Spanish II teacher stated, “the kids are’t used to his new rules that’s why some of them are complaining.” She also stated, “There hasn’t been much change with the rules , I think he’s just trying to keep the rules more enforced.”

Some of the rules stayed the same but the ones that changed for the students likings went a little out of hand. Mr.Hodges’ new rules that gave a shock to the SHS students was the dress code policy which he went lighter on. He allows kids to wear jeans that are a little ripped as well as sleeveless tops, the size of two fingers on the shoulder. As soon as kids heard about the dress code rule change things went to a whole other level. They went above and beyond on following that rule, as in wearing ripped jeans that show your whole knee or thighs, or cold shoulder shirts. So basically the kids are angry on one side for the rules that became stricter as the new principal arrived and on the other , a little too excited about the rule they wanted ever since Mr. Smith was here.

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