Searcy gets a new chance at nightlife

Searcy (LP) When you hear about Friday nights in a small town like Searcy, many people’s minds go straight to high school football. While that has been the case here for as long as many can remember, a few community members have come together to give the citizens of Searcy a little change in scenery. One Friday each month, local performers, food trucks and businesses gather downtown to put on Beats and Eats. Marka Bennett, the lady in charge of the planning of Beats and Eats said that the goal of this event is “to promote unity and a sense of fellowship in our community.” She believes it is important for communities to have local events like this so that when people see each other in everyday settings, such as the grocery store or at school, they feel a stronger sense of community. Walking around Beats and Eats will allow you to get to know many local businesses. These vendors range from bakers to soap or even furniture makers. “What we’re striving to do is keep vendors who make their own merchandise,” explained Mrs. Bennett when asked how they choose who would be selling their products.  This event not only offers entertainment to people in Searcy but an opportunity for local artists to perform in front of their community. Tori Brown, a student at Searcy High School, had the chance to perform at Beats and Eats in July, and although it was not her first time performing at a local event, she still loved the opportunity. “I perform a lot at Center on the Square and in band and choir concerts, but I’ve never done anything like Beats and Eats, I loved it! I would definitely do it again if I had the opportunity” she said.

Tori Brown performed for her community at Beats and Eats in July.

Along with providing a creative outlet for artists, Beats and Eats is also a great event for local students who are looking for something new, “my friends and I are constantly bored because we can’t think of anything to do without spending money.” said Tori. Volunteers play a big part of making Beats and Eats successful. Whether you volunteer to perform, set up a tent and sell your merchandise, or just be there to help make sure things run smoothly, there are various opportunities for you. “We would really love to have some student volunteers, either to join the committee and actually work on the ideas and forming the plans for the future or just volunteering to come and help that night with lots of different things during the evening.” If you would like to volunteer to help with Beats and Eats, you can contact Marka by phone at 901-289-3565 or by email at 


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