Searcy students strive to make an impact on Arkansas

Searcy (LP) FCCLA is one of the most popular clubs here at Searcy High, with 100 members with hearts for helping their community, FCCLA has made a big impact around school. But some members want their service to reach people in a wider range. Running for state office allows dedicated members to meet new people, share their ideas, and spread positive change throughout their state. Sara Feather, a senior at Searcy High School, served as the Arkansas FCCLA Treasurer during the 2016-2017 school year. Since her freshman year, Sara has been heavily involved in FCCLA. “When I attended my first National Leadership conference in 2015 in Washington, D.C, I had little knowledge about FCCLA. It was at this conference I discovered more about the organization.” she said when asked what inspired her to become a state officer.┬áThis year, Chloe Long, a sophomore, is running for state office. Things are going to be a little easier for Chloe because Sara “was the first person from our chapter to run for state office so” she and Mrs. Johnston had to figure out the ropes all on their own. Although she has not begun the process of speaking in front of nominating committees, Chloe is still preparing for the future. By having Sara review her essays and speeches, Chloe is reviewi “Jdjkbsbdv;jkhbvjkvb” she told me. Being a state officer “fdsufhsfuowhowih.”

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