Barnyard Batesville Bash

Ethan Whitworth #18 is the defensive outside backer

Searcy (LP) I am sure you all have heard all about Searcy’s win this Friday at Valley View High School, it was a tremendous win against a 5A school. Not to mention we were also the highest score in all of Arkansas! But what most do not know, is how much work the football team puts in before they walk onto the field. Not even counting the countless hours they put in over the summer, in the blazing heat, for hours on end the football team practices every week day and even on Sundays. The Lions will be going against the Batesville Pioneers this Friday, the 8th, and are hoping to bring back a win and a 2-0 record to start the season with. The Batesville varsity football team lost Thursday’s neutral non-conference game against Jonesboro (AR) by a score of 46-21. I got a chance to sit and chat with Senior Captains, Mason Schucker (Quarterback) and Ethan Whitworth (Outside Backer) to see what their excitement about the upcoming game.

Schucker is the quarterback for Searcy for now 2 years!

Mason and Ethan both do not feel a need to “pump” up the team personally because Batesville has been a rival to SHS for a long time, “Which that in itself, gets us fired up,” says Whitworth. Shucker says the team is preparing physically with, “tons of reps and getting enough sleep during the week.” The team is mentally preparing by watching the Batesville film and learning to stay more positive on the field. When asked about what they are personally excited for this game, Whitworth said “I am a senior so this is my last chance to tackle a kid in orange and black,” which honestly, who isn’t excited for that? Besides winning, I asked the boys what they’re main goal for the night is, Shucker responded with, “I want to throw 8 touchdowns, and walk into the ACT the following morning with another W on my mind,” Whitworth said, “To send Batesville home wishing they would have never came to Searcy on Friday night.”

Schucker threw 310 yards against Valleyview for a whopping 63-41 win. The student section theme for the night is Barnyard Bash and are hoping everyone comes decked out in their best country attire to watch the Lions take home another Batesville win. We’re hoping for a 2-o against Morrilton Devil Dogs the following Friday the 15th.We wish all the lions the best of luck this season and we hope to see everyone at the big game! YEEHAW!!

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